The right estate agent is imperative when selling your property

The Right Estate Agent is Imperative when Selling your Property.

The Right Estate Agent is Imperative when Selling your Property.

If you’re selling your home, you’re probably dreaming of getting the offer you want within a few weeks; but to help you achieve your goal and navigate your way through the selling process, you’ll need an estate agent.

With a vast number of agencies on offer out there, how do you go about choosing the best estate agent and why is it so important to make the right choice?



Why it’s important to choose the right estate agent

If you’re selling your home, you want to maximise your chances of getting the offer you want as quickly as possible. If you’ve got a brilliant estate agent in your corner, you should find it a lot easier to sell your home and to get the price you want for your property.


A good estate agent can help you sell your home in many different ways. These include:



Marketing your property

There’s no use in having a beautiful home ready for sale if nobody knows that you’re selling. An estate agent is there to market your property, let people know that your home is coming onto the market and generate a buzz about the house or apartment.

Marketing is all about reaching out to people who are likely to have a genuine interest in your property, and a good estate agent should have a list of contacts, including cash buyers and investors looking for potential additions to their portfolio, ready and waiting.

Once you’re ready to press on and put the house up for sale, your estate agent can contact the people on this list, tell them all about your home, and hopefully, set up some viewings.

Estate agents can also market home in online property portals, place a for sale sign outside and put adverts in local newspapers and magazines. Aesthetics are crucial when it comes to marketing your home, so your estate agent should ensure that the pictures that are posted in brochures and uploaded to websites do the property justice.



Local knowledge

If you’re selling your home, it’s always beneficial to have an estate agent who knows the local property market so that they can provide you with accurate information about valuations and potential buyers with recommendations for schools and information about access to amenities.

If you’ve got an excellent school or a major train route on the doorstep, you want your estate agent to upsell these features to families and commuters.



Advice and guidance

If you want a quick sale, there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of attracting buyers, such as adding curb appeal, presenting your home in the right way and decorating in neutral colours.

Your estate agent can provide you with customer service and expert advice to help you sell your home and make it more appealing to the target buyer. It’s particularly beneficial to have access to people in the know if you’re struggling to sell.

They should be able to offer guidance, and they should also pass on feedback from buyers who have viewed the residential property. If people are saying that the rooms look small and cluttered, for example, painting the walls a light colour and tidying toys, books, and clothes away could make all the difference.




Estate agencies offer different packages, and you may find that one business provides a different level of service to another. It’s always worth having a look at different packages and making sure you know exactly what you’re getting for your money.



Tips to find the best estate agent

If you took a moment to search for a property agency online, you’d be greeted with a host of links. It’s always advantageous to have a choice when it comes to selecting an estate agent to sell your home, but how do you narrow down the options?

One of the best things to do is to undertake some research. Ask around for recommendations, take a look at the services available from different agents, and have a look at results. If there is a local agency that has much better results than others or your neighbour sold their house in record time, you may want to go for that estate agent.

It’s also wise to read testimonials, compare packages and prices, and set up an informal meeting so that you can talk to agents about the business, and get an idea of how they can help you, how well they know the local area, and what makes them different from other agencies.


When you’re selling your home, it’s imperative to have the right estate agent in your corner. Do some research, meet with different agents, and ask neighbours, friends, and relatives for recommendations.

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