Property Management Agent in Essex? It’s a minefield!

Check out our top tips on things to look out for when choosing a property management agent in Essex The buoyancy of the housing market in Essex has created a high demand for rental properties in certain areas, especially those positioned along the central line on London’s Underground. With so many landlords owning property in […]

Home renovation in Essex

Home Renovation in Essex The residents of Essex aren’t anywhere near as “stupid” as the rest of the country think they are, despite the best efforts of TOWIE to hammer that home. With some of the most expensive and sought after areas to buy and live in, I think our savvy residents are a force […]

Financing your property renovation

Financing your property renovation Financing your property renovation isn’t as simple as one may first think. In a UK housing market that looks like it has just narrowly avoided a slump due to Brexit, many homeowners are turning to property renovations and extensions to create the lifestyle rather than buy it. This isn’t limited to […]

14 things to consider when renovating your property

Renovating your property? Renovating your property is a time consuming but rewarding process. Property owners are always looking at how they can make their home more comfortable and safe, or adjusted to new members of the household. However if you fail to plan properly, that dream makeover for your property can become a living nightmare. […]

High End Property Renovation a Case Study

High end property renovation Often when high end property owners want to maximise the potential of any of their portfolio items, they will seek out a professional for advice and guidance. This could be the local specialist building company, an interior designer or an architect. But have you ever considered your local Estate Agent?   […]

Build up not sell up, why property refurbishment is currently the best investment in the UK

Why property refurbishment is currently the best investment With mortgage rates as low as 2%, it really does seem like the opportune buyers market in the UK.  Here in Essex, the property market is booming just as it is in London.  However,  brexit has had repercussions that directly affect the UK property market and as […]

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