selling your home with neutral colours

Selling Your Home: Make Sure it’s Decoratively Neutral.

Selling Your Home: Make Sure it’s Decoratively Neutral.

Has your mission lately been selling your home quickly and effortlessly but you have been struggling to get attention after putting the for sale sign up? If you’ve not had much interest, or you’re about to put your home on the market, it’s advisable to make sure that your home is decorated in neutral tones.

You might think that decor doesn’t matter too much, but it really can make the difference between getting that all-important offer and seeing another disappointed buyer disappear through the door.


The importance of neutral decor

You may think that your house looks incredible, but when you’re about to sell your house, you have to put your own opinions on the back burner and focus on what kinds of styles and colours are going to appeal to potential home buyers.

If you’ve got bright colours on the walls or patterned or printed wallpaper or soft furnishings, your decor may not be to everyone’s taste. As aesthetics play such an influential role in attracting buyers, it’s wise to adopt a neutral colourway, which will make your home more attractive to a wider range of buyers. Start thinking about a fresh coat of paint.

Many people look at subtle decor as a blank canvas that they can put their own individual stamp on, and even people who love colour and prints will find it easier to conjure up images of what they want when they’re looking at neutral walls rather than a room filled with vivid colours, clashing patterns, and different textures.


When a buyer walks into a home that has a neutral decor, they may want to make changes, but they might take comfort from the fact that they don’t need to redecorate straight away. In contrast, if you spot bright pink walls in a bedroom or garish floral wallpaper in the living room, you might feel that you need to get started the moment you move in, and not everybody wants to take on a cosmetic project.


Neutral tones can also help to showcase your home in its best light. Colours like white, cream, light grey, and beige maximise natural light and make spaces look larger and brighter than darker tones.

If you have got strong colours on your walls or you’ve got children’s’ bedrooms that are decorated with character wallpaper, it’s worth getting your paintbrush out and applying a few layers of neutral paint for the purposes of selling at the right sale price. The neutral decor gives buyers more options, especially if they are first time buyers.


Taking away that personal touch

We all like to have a place to call home, and we want our homes to be comfortable personalised spaces. It’s lovely to have photographs hanging on the walls, and frames decorating shelves, but think about potential buyers when you’re selling your home.

Those personal touches that make a house a home are important to you, but they could actually put buyers off. When you’re viewing a house, you want to be able to imagine yourself living there. You want to see your furniture in the living room and think about your family sitting around snuggled up on the sofa watching TV.

If you’re surrounded by pictures, canvases, and personalised cushions, it can make it difficult to create this vision. If you have got the for sale sign up, and you’re expecting people to come and have a look around, it’s best to put those framed photographs away until you’ve sold your home.


Dealing with clutter

There’s nothing more off-putting when you browse through photos in an online gallery or arrange a home viewing than clutter. If you walk in and see boxes of stuff lying around, shelves piled high, and walls covered in all kinds of pictures and prints, this might be enough to send you running for the hills.

As a homeowner, think about what you would want to see if you were viewing a property for sale. Clutter is not only an eye-sore. It also makes rooms look small and cramped, and it makes it difficult for potential buyers to envisage what they would do with the space.

If you are selling your home, spend a few hours decluttering. Tidy up, throw away anything you don’t need anymore, and make use of storage space. You want every room to look clean, fresh, airy, and bright.


Are you preparing to try and sell your home? If so, you’re probably hoping that you’ll get an offer quickly. To maximise your chances of selling at the price you want without waiting around, it’s hugely beneficial to opt for neutral decor.

Neutral tones make rooms look larger, they appeal to a wider range of buyers, and they help to create more versatile spaces and give the buyer a blank canvas with which to work.

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