Ensure that your boiler is checked

Landlords, get your plumbing and boiler checked

Landlords, please get your plumbing and boiler checked

If you take a look at your rental properties, you’ll see two key areas demand a lot of care and attention; the plumbing and boiler. Every property is made with an extensive plumbing network that helps carry water and gas throughout the home, and a boiler is essential for heating up the premises. As you can probably imagine, when there are issues with either, then you have a big problem on your hands.


This is why it’s vital that landlords get their plumbing and boiler checked at regular intervals. Various things can happen when you don’t do this, and we’ve outlined the main points in this blog:


It’s A Legal Requirement

As a landlord, you’re legally required to service your boiler and make any repairs to it. This comes under The Landlord and Tenant Act (1985) which states you must keep anything in good working order if it supplies water, gas, and electricity. Therefore, the plumbing system and boiler fall under this category.


Not only that, but you’re also required to carry out gas safety checks on a 12-month basis as well. Your boiler counts as a gas appliance, meaning it must be serviced by a registered gas engineer so you can receive a Gas Safety Certificate to give to your tenants. Fail to do this, and you could be hit with criminal charges that include some large fines.


You Can Lose Rent

In addition to the legal requirements, it’s crucial to get your plumbing and boiler checked as it can cost you loads of money in rent if you don’t. Two things can happen here, and the first is that tenants refuse to pay rent if their boiler/plumbing isn’t being serviced. Seeing as it’s a legal requirement for a landlord, you don’t really have a leg to stand on if they refuse to pay rent until you’ve had them serviced. So, there’s potentially a month’s worth of rent down the drain right away.


Secondly, it can cost rental income in the sense that your property won’t attract any tenants. If someone is interested in your property and sees that the boiler or plumbing haven’t been checked in ages, then they’re highly unlikely to sign a contract. So, you could have extended vacancy periods where you miss out on months of rent.


Repairs Are Extremely Costly

Not only can you lose rent if the plumbing or boiler fails, but you can also lose a substantial sum of money in repairs. When a boiler breaks down, or there are significant plumbing problems, then the repairs tend to be very expensive as they’re often large jobs. In fact, a lot of boiler problems result in a complete replacement and overhaul of the existing system, which could cost thousands of pounds.


The issue with this is that it could all be avoided if you just maintained your property and had these things checked. All it takes is a routine servicing from certified engineers or plumbers to assess the health of your boiler & plumbing. Here, any problems can be caught in their early stages, meaning the repairs are minor and inexpensive – or preventative measures can be put in place to stop massive-scale repairs. Get your boiler and plumbing checked, and you’ll save a fortune.


Boiler & Plumbing Maintenance Tips For Landlords

Having shown why it’s essential to maintain your boiler and plumbing, it only makes sense to provide a few tips on what needs to be done. So, here are a few things to do:


  • Services Annually: Every year, you need to call up a gas safe engineer to service your boiler. This isn’t up for debate, it’s essential as it helps you follow the regulations and legal requirements of being a landlord.


  • Bleed The Radiators: Before the winter periods, it’s advisable to bleed all the radiators in a property to release any trapped air. This helps keep the boiler and plumbing working more efficiently, while also preventing any faults and costly breakages.


  • Provide Advice To Tenants: It’s beneficial if you provide tenants with tips and advice on how they can help keep the boiler and plumbing in good working order. This involves explaining some good practices – like not keeping the boiler on throughout the day – and what they should do if they spot any issues.


Do these three things, and you’ll help maintain your boiler and plumbing maintenance!



So, landlords need a plumbing and boiler check to ensure they follow the laws surrounding their responsibilities to provide a safe home for tenants. Along with this, you can lose a lot of money in rent and repairs if things aren’t serviced. Follow the advice above to help maintain your plumbing and boiler, keeping everything ticking over and in good shape.


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