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Landlords: Clean your White Goods for Better Rents

Landlords: Clean your White Goods for Better Rents

We are going to share a  little secret to be able to charge better rents. Making money from your rental property stems from the initial rental price you set. Needless to say, you want to charge a substantial amount of monthly rent to actually make a profit.

Countless things factor into how much rental income you earn, and the price of your rent. However, did you ever stop and realise that the state of your white goods could be a significant factor that’s holding you back when asking for better rents?


It’s true, and this is why it’s essential that landlords clean white goods before advertising their property to the market.

You will be surprised at a) how much of a difference this makes, and b) how many landlords are providing shoddy white goods. To help drive this point home – and showcase why you need to be cleaning your white goods – have a read of the points below:


Attract More Tenants

Think about it logically; white goods are a staple of every home. People are heavily reliant on a good-quality washing machine, fridge, tumble dryer – and so on.

Therefore, when they visit a property with white goods in terrible conditions, then it puts them off right away. They don’t even bother enquiring further as they don’t want to deal with shoddy appliances.


On the other hand, imagine if landlords clean white goods – what happens then? In these scenarios, you’ll see more and more potential tenants interested in your property. People will be keen to sign a contract, which means you have loads of competition and high-demand for rent.

As a result, you will have fewer spells between tenants where no one is living in your property, and it’s just wasting money. What’s more, because you’re attracting so many interested parties, you could drive the rental price up to try and see who’s willing to step forward and pay it. As a result, this improves your income!


Attract Better Tenants

Similarly, cleaning your white goods could also help you attract better tenants. Now, the term ‘better’ might seem a bit vague, so let’s explain.

If you advertise a property with unclean and badly maintained white goods, then you’re pretty much only appealing to a particular type of tenant. The only person likely to still want to pay rent is someone who simply doesn’t care about the state of the white goods.

From here, you can probably deduce that they don’t care about the state of their property in general, and will make no efforts to keep it neat and tidy.


As a landlord, this results in so many complications as you’ll constantly be back and forth with the tenant getting them to clean up their act. It can lead to a very frustrating tenancy, which may cause you to terminate their contract – costing you a lot of potential income.

But, if you actually clean your white goods and make them presentable, then there’s more chance of attracting ‘better’ tenants who care about being neat and clean, which is more beneficial for you. You’ll spend a lot less on maintaining the property as this type of tenant will keep everything in order.


Gain A Competitive Edge

A lot of landlords are caught up in battles with other landlords who own properties in the same location. Think about it; a block of flats could include hundreds of apartments owned by different people.

The interior of each one may be similarly laid out and have the same number of rooms, so how do you gain a competitive advantage? It’s simple; clean your white goods and keep them new. It pays to invest in some advanced and high-quality white goods as this can be the USP that turns people towards your property over other landlords.


Consequently, you could even raise the price of your rent because you account for the improved white goods. Especially if you keep them in excellent condition so that they have a top energy rating – meaning your tenants could potentially save money on their energy bills.

So, by charging them a little extra on the actual property rent, they may see this as an overall saving with the new and clean white goods that save energy.



To summarise; landlords clean white goods right now! That’s all you need to take away from this – if you keep your white goods in the best condition possible, you will attract more potential tenants, better tenants, better rents and give yourself an edge over other landlords.

All of this creates more demand for your property, which allows you to raise the rental price every so slightly, boosting your income.


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