How to Design a Bathroom to Escape to

How to Design a Bathroom to Escape to

How to Design a Bathroom to Escape to

After a long and hard day at work, the last thing you want is to come home to a dirty and unorganized bathroom that doesn’t help to relieve your stress.

Whether it’s a mess of bathroom supplies that have been strewn around the room or a smelly and dirty shower curtain that blocks the light coming from your lighting fixtures, there are plenty of little changes that you can make to design a bathroom that brings you a tranquil and relaxing spa-like experience where you can relax and enjoy yourself.


Remove sharp edges


If you’re going to be planning an entirely new bathroom, then it’s worth considering the option of removing any sharp edges from your bathroom. This means sharp bathroom countertops, squared shelves or even a square toilet. Sharp edges don’t give off a comfortable feeling and they could even be hazards just waiting to cause a disaster. Opt for rounded appliances, decorations and vanity to give your bathroom a more relaxing appearance.


Choosing the best lighting


There’s a lot that goes into picking the right lights for your bathroom, but we’d recommend that you consider a warm white colour which is specifically at 3200 Kelvin.

This is generally the best type of lighting to use in a bathroom since it creates a very clear appearance when you look in the mirror that makes you look your best. It’s the perfect lighting condition for applying makeup and getting a good clean look at your face, and it also makes the entire bathroom bright and relaxing on the eyes.


With that said, natural light is the clear winner so make sure you have large windows that allow sunlight into your bathroom. If this isn’t possible, then a set of warm white LED lighting fixtures is the next best option to use, especially at night when there’s no sunlight around.


Ventilation concerns


The last thing you want is for mould and mildew to start growing on your bathroom ceiling or tiles, so make sure there’s plenty of ventilation for steam to escape.

This usually isn’t a problem if you have a window that you can leave open for steam to escape, but if you don’t have a window then you’ll need to keep your extractor fan maintained and clear of any blockages that could occur.


Decorative changes


If you want a bathroom that offers a relaxing spa-like experience that you can escape to, then make sure you’re looking at the decorations in your bathroom and how you can change them to fit your needs.


Using soft natural colours such as light browns, creams and green can be an effective way to upgrade your bathroom decor. Placing plants around the bathroom is a good way to introduce some nature to your bathroom, and you should also consider the types of decorative pieces you hang on the walls.

Some people like hanging plants while others enjoy paintings and other pieces. As long as they’re protected from steam during a shower, you should consider adding the decorations that you personally enjoy.


Bathroom plumbing considerations


One of the most underestimated problems that you can encounter in the bathroom is plumbing issues (You can read more about this in our previous blog post “How to plan a new bathroom”). These issues crop up mainly when you’re unsure of how your plumbing can affect the bathroom and it’s vital that you take a look at your taps and water pressure to ensure that your bathroom isn’t suffering from behind-the-scenes issues like limescale buildup or low pressure.


If you’ve noticed that your shower has recently been very weak or if you’re no longer getting hot water quickly when you turn on the taps, then you may want to consider contacting a plumber and having them check your entire plumbing system for faults.

This is especially important if the home you’re living in is relatively old and hasn’t had its plumbing checked for a long time. To prevent this from happening in the future, you may need to swap out the pipes or your shower and tap fittings for better longer-lasting alternatives.


At times, you may not have the luxury of having high water pressure, so you can look into alternatives which will give you a much better showering experience with varying water pressure levels that allow you to take a powerful and quick shower in the morning, but also have a relaxing experience when you come home from work.


Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas on how to design a bathroom that you can escape to after a long and hard day at work.


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