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How to Create your Perfect Lounge

How to Create your Perfect Lounge

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the lounge is the soul of it. It’s where the family comes together, where we host guests, and where we relax after a long day. For that reason, it deserves to look and feel as comfortable as possible. Here, we’re going to look at how you get it just right and create your perfect lounge.




Paint and wallpaper are relatively easy ways to give your walls the personality, colour, and aesthetic appeal you want. Painting especially works best with a wall already bearing its own architectural features. But it’s worth looking into other wall coverings that add a little dimension and something of tactile quality.

Wall panelling is a classy, sophisticated choice for a room with a more traditional or antique décor style. Cork wall tiles can make it look fresh, natural, and brighter than other woods. Brick cladding, on the other hand, gives it trendy, contemporary feel. Experiment by looking at different wall covering styles beyond the norm.



Flooring types

When it comes to flooring, you’re better off sticking to more traditional types and investing in quality above all else. Here are the main flooring types you can choose and just way they add:


-Carpet: Soft, warm, and relaxing, carpets can make a room feel truly welcoming, but you need to not only invest in quality but also in maintenance if you don’t want the floor to feel scratchy and dirty.

-Laminate: Much cheaper than wood, easier to install and maintain, it provides a neat, minimalist feeling perfect for more modern styles.

-Wood: While more expensive, the feel of authentic wood, solid or engineered, is hard to beat and adds a feeling of prestige and sophistication to a room.


Make sure that no matter what flooring you have, you help break it up and add a little extra comfort with the smart placement of high-quality, soft rugs.


perfect lounge with lights and couch

Wood Floor and Carpet can be an amazing combo when done properly.



Underfloor heating

One of the key reasons to consider laminate or engineered wood over natural wood or carpets is for the increasing convenience of underfloor heating. While it’s still quite costly to install, prices are falling as time goes on. This can help instantly create comfort in hard-floored rooms and is perfect for getting cosy once you get in from the cold and wet outside.



A well-designed, high-quality light fixture matching the room’s aesthetic can really bring your visual tastes to life. It’s worth thinking beyond that main light fixture, however. Layering your lighting can add even more atmosphere and dimension to a room.

Accent lighting such as corner and coffee table lamps can create a warm, even glow perfect for the evenings. Meanwhile, task lighting can be used near focal points and areas like desks to make them much more practical and convenient.



Entertainment systems

Unless you have an attention-catching architectural feature like a fireplace, entertainment systems are the primary focal point of most modern living rooms. As a result, they need a little love and care. Choosing the stand, shelves, or other furniture that can neatly fit and organise the different devices (TV, DVD, digital box, game console, etc.) can make it look all the cooler.

Meanwhile, you need to pay attention to wire management and tidiness. Cable ties and brackets can help it look a lot less disorganized, making it look less like a teenager’s bedroom and more like the high-quality entertainment complex your lounge deserves.




There are more lounge color schemes than you can shake a stick at, and which you choose depends on the shape and size of the room as well as your personal tips. For instance, large, more spacious rooms that see a lot more natural light are better off using brighter or neutral colours that can make good use of it and help spread it around.

Smaller rooms could benefit from the cosy appeal that warmer, slightly darker colours can add, provided you use accent lighting to stop it from getting too dark. It’s wise to base your colour palette off one or two key pieces of furniture.

It’s much easier to find wall and floor colours that fit your preferred furniture than to find the furniture you like that fits a chosen wall colour.

perfect combination of colors for the lounge

Colourful furniture can do wonders for a Lounge filled with natural light.




How much storage room does your lounge have? If it has built-in storage, you might not need to add too much. Choosing an area of the room for storage and finding the furniture that offers the most space for the amount of room it takes up is crucial.

You can also look at unused architectural features, such as odd alcoves and corners, that you can install bespoke storage, such as shelving, into.

lounge with bookshelf and carpet

Finding the furniture that offers the most space for the amount of room it takes up is crucial.

Hopefully, the tips above give you some inspiration to give your lounge the treatment it deserves. To create your perfect lounge means thinking about what exactly your lounge means to you and doing everything you can with the points mentioned above to make it as effective at that as possible.

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