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How to Choose the Right Interior Designer

How to Choose the Right Interior Designer

Interior design is something that is often best left to the professionals. Attempting your own DIY interior design can lead to disastrous consequences such as ruining the walls or the painting in your home, and it could even cost you a lot of money that will ultimately be wasted because you’re using too much trial and error.


Sooner or later, you’ll realize that you simply can’t afford to spend more money fixing things, and that’s when it’s a good idea to hire an interior designer so you can get it done right the first time.


However, hiring an interior designer can be a bit of trial and error in its own way. Some interior designers are just difficult to work with, others have a poor track record and some are just too expensive to hire no matter how you look at it.

So to help you out, we’ve put together this article that will explain how you can choose the perfect interior designer for your needs.


  1. Check their history of work


Every reputable interior designer is going to have some history of their work with other private clients. This will usually be displayed in their portfolio and they probably won’t be afraid to show off the results of a design project they’ve delivered in the past.

Do keep in mind that their portfolio will likely be a collection of all the best jobs they’ve performed. It is, after all, meant to promote their services, so don’t expect that your interiors are going to look similar just because it’s on their portfolio. However, having some record of their work history is better than nothing.


  1. Check for reviews and references


It’s always good if you can get a reference from someone that you know, especially for luxury residential property. Ask around and if one of your friends, family members or neighbours knows an interior designer, then you could speak to them first and see if they were happy with the results.

If they were, then it’s safe to say that it’s a good bet to go with them instead of hiring someone that you have no references for. In short, ask around, look at reviews and try to avoid hiring someone that you have absolutely no idea about.



  1. Check for communication skills 


A good interior designer will have excellent communication skills. They’ll give you their contact number so you can speak to them at almost any time, they’ll be understanding of what you need and they won’t be overbearing in their approach.

You should keep in mind that a good designer will never force their own designs and opinions on you, but instead, they should be able to explain what it is that they can do to try and follow your ideas while maintaining a level of professionalism.

Be as honest as possible as you can with your designer and they’ll tell you truthfully if it can be accomplished and how much it will cost. If your designer never answers your questions or looks down on your ideas, then it’s probably best to avoid them.


You ultimately want your designer to manage most of the process, but keep in mind that a good designer will never make you feel like you have absolutely no control over the process. Don’t tell the designer how to do their job, but don’t feel like you can’t have your own opinion either. After all, it is your home that they’re working on.



  1. Check the team they’re working with


An interior designer doesn’t work alone. They’re often surrounded by other tradesmen that can do things like provide the contracting work and provide the brunt of the service.


If you’re going to hire an interior designer or interior decorator, then it’s vital that you speak to them about the team they work with and the tradesmen they hire so that you can look them up and see if they’re able to do a good job.


  1. A good interior designer can inspire you


We briefly mentioned communication skills and how a good designer shouldn’t push their ideas on to you. While you should always have some idea of what you want, you shouldn’t be afraid to speak to a designer for inspiration and ideas.

A creative designer will do everything in their power to make sure your ideas can be fulfilled, but if you have absolutely no idea then they should be able to offer you inspirational ideas and get creative with your home or residential interiors.

In short, if you’re on the lookout for a good interior designer, then look for people that can inspire you with their passion.

If you would like some guidance with the interior design of your home, you can always have a look at our Renovations page and get in touch with our award winning team.


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