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Marketing your Property requires Expert Help

Marketing your Property requires Expert Help

You may already be aware that getting into the housing market and marketing your property can be a stressful experience at the best of times, especially if you’re already trying to get the best sale possible.

However, you don’t necessarily have to deal with all of that pressure yourself. There are those that you can look to for help. Here, we’re going to look at the role that a property consultant or agent can help you market the property so that it gets not only the most attention from home buyers but the kind of attention that’s more likely to lead to sales.


The difference between estate agents and property consultants

Both the estate agent’s sales team and the property consultant are there to help you sell your home. However, there are different approaches and talents they lend to the process. The average estate agent is much more process-based, and target driven, relying on industry standard tools to make sure firstly that the property sells, and that the selling process goes as smoothly as possible.

The property consultant, as the name suggests, consults you on how to best market and sell the property, taking the time to gather the insight and research needed to help you position it in the best way possible to your target market. Both can play a valuable role in helping you market and sell your property.


A diversity of strategies and marketing techniques

With an estate agent, the actual means of marketing the property include posting up details on the property, the area, and pictures on a variety of online property market websites that buyers tend to browse. They are also likely to give your property some space in the window of the real estate office so that people walking by can take a glance at it.

Property consultants focused on marketing are more likely to offer a bigger range of marketing options. This can include posting your property on social media and using their network to reach out to other agents, consultants, and clients to help your property reach a more exclusive and interested audience that may not be using the traditional websites.

Newspapers are a slightly more traditional marketing method, but they still prove very useful and property consultants can make sure your property is being featured in papers most likely to be read by your target audience.


Using floor plans, photographs and videos to market your property

The property consultant will help ensure that you present your property in the most professional manner possible. Photographs play a big role in catching that initial interest. Never underestimate a professional photographer as a marketing tool.

Right after open houses and viewings, professional photography is the one other thing that can give prospective buyers an idea of whether they can imagine themselves living in your property.

Videos can take it even a step further, allowing you to create a virtual tour of the home that allows interested parties to see a lot more information in a lot less time. Floorplans and sales brochures provide floor layouts and explain the different dimensions of rooms, so buyers have more insight and are not likely to be surprised by any unexpected sized/shape rooms when they take a look.


Creating a guide

Property consultants may also create a  brochure for “sales particulars”. Think of this as a booklet that can go into even more detail than the average property site profile or property portal. It can contain descriptions of the property, the garden, the location, fixtures, and fittings included in the sale and more.

It’s a comprehensive and convenient way for the consultant to showcase your property and lay out all of the strengths of the home that potential buyers can either look at online or read through when they’re viewing the home in person.


Make sure you have a partner who knows the area

If you’re using the help of an estate agent, then it’s crucial you choose one who has specialist knowledge in the area that the property is in. They need to know what amenities and services are nearby to be able to market it to the right people.

If, for instance, you’re selling a family home, then having an estate agent who knows what shops and schools are nearby can help make it seem like a much more suitable choice for the buyers.


Sale Boards

It’s a very small step but having a consultant or agent’s For Sale board outside the property can be very helpful. Not only is it an eye-catching way of getting potential buyers to notice your house, but it gives them the contact details they need to immediately act on that interest and book an appointment to view the property, too.


If you feel like you’re getting nowhere quick with your attempts to sell your property, then the expertise in real estate marketing and platform awareness that property consultants and estate agents can bring could be exactly what you need. Just remember that you need partners who know your area in particular so you can be sure they’re fully aware of all the value the property has to offer.

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